Tony Stark won’t sit still for a moment, especially when it comes to improving his best creation ever: Iron Man. That’s why Stark’s Iron Man suits have continuously evolved over time, becoming more and more sophisticated as Stark continues his quest to keep the world safe from evil.

Now, an amazing GIF animation shows you every single Iron Man suit from all the Marvel movies, starting from the first Iron Man film and going all the way up to Stark’s latest invention in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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Created by M&M Tool Parts, the GIF includes no less than 45 Iron Man suits, CNET reports, captured as they appeared on screen. Of course, many of these suits come from Iron Man 3, in which Stark summoned a fleet of unmanned suits to help him fight Aldrich Killian.

The Iron Man suit GIF follows below, featuring all models from Mark I to Mark XLV. The same tool retailer also created a GIF image that shows all the changes in Captain America’s shield throughout the years – you’ll find it underneath the Iron Man GIF.

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