Apple at WWDC today will take the wraps off a new Flipboard competitor, according to a recent report from Re/Code. Apple’s new app will reportedly include a “sampling” of content from big time publishers such as ESPN and Conde Nast.

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In the process, Apple will also be doing us all a favor and getting rid of iOS’ Newsstand app, the rarely used app that was originally envisioned as a convenient way for users to purchase and organize newspaper and magazine subscriptions. Newsstand was originally introduced at WWDC in 2011 and never quite resonated with users.

As for Newsstand’s upcoming replacement, the report adds that Apple’s intriguing new Flipboard competitor will be extremely publisher friendly. Specifically, “publishers will keep 100 percent of the advertising they sell within the Flipboard like app.”

Presumably, the new app will come standard on iOS 9.

Over the past few weeks, a number of big time tech players have made moves to host third party content directly on their own platforms, with Facebook being the most prominent such example. With Apple now entering the space, things are bound to get a lot more interesting.

We’re sure Apple will have much more to say about this at WWDC in just under an hour from now.