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One of best ways to ruin your workout is to spend half the time trying to keep your earbuds in. One of the best solutions? These Bluetooth earbuds from MMOVE, now 78% off and just $31.99 at the BGR Store.

With three sizes and two types of earhooks, three sizes of eartips, and a sweat-proof design, these MMOVE earbuds will stay put from warmup to cooldown. Switch between phone calls and music easily with the on-ear buttons, and stay focused on either thanks to MMOVE’s noise-canceling technology. The single cord connecting the two buds stays against the back of your neck and out of the way, while the Bluetooth connection ensures you’re breaking a sweat because of your workout, not because of tangled headphone rage.

And don’t worry about running out of juice mid-workout. You’ll get about six hours of talk or music time, with a USB cable that charges quickly and gets you ready to go again in no time. And an on-screen status will alert you when your battery’s running low.

Get the Bluetooth earbuds from MMOVE for $31.99 at the BGR Store today.

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