Admit it: You’ve often tried to use GIF animations inside Facebook, but you weren’t that successful. That’s about to change right away, as it looks like the social networking giant is finally letting its customers use GIFs for status updates and replies.

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Unfortunately, as thrilling as that might sound for some of you, the processes of actually using GIFs on Facebook is a bit more cumbersome that you’d like it to be, The Next Web reveals.

Instead of uploading a GIF image directly to Facebook, you’ll have to upload it to a third-party service, save the link and then use it inside Facebook. That’s the only way the trick will work, at least for the time being, though Facebook might change its stance on GIFs in the future and let users upload files directly to Facebook.

Of course, if you already have an online GIFs resource that you happen to use frequently, then finding GIF files that are already hosted on a third-party services won’t be troublesome at all – just get their links, paste them in Facebook and you’ll be good to go.