The Apple Watch Edition is the most expensive product Apple has ever made, so most people won’t line up to buy a gold Watch anytime soon. But gold-plating a regular stainless steel Apple Watch model might be a solid alternative, and the following video will show you just how impressive these aftermarket options can be.

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For $399, 9to5Mac’s Dom Esposito had his 42mm Apple Watch and link bracelet gold-plated with 18K gold. The end result, as you’ll see in the following images, is gorgeous — especially since a gold link bracelet isn’t available from Apple for the time being.

The entire operation was done at WatchPlate, and you’ll apparently get your Watch back just four days after sending it in.

As Esposito notes in the video below, gold-plating the Watch won’t affect its functionality or its water-resistance. As a result, you should expect the same performance from the gadget after the 18K gold paint job is done.

The hands-on video of this custom-made gold Apple Watch is embedded below.