Audi doesn’t just make cars — it also toys around with experimental bicycles as well. Per The Wall Street Journal, Audi has unveiled a new bicycle called the Audi Sport Racing Bike that is incredibly light and weighs only 5.8 kilograms, or around 12.75 pounds. However, this light bike also comes with a hefty price tag of nearly $20,000.

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The reason the bike weighs so little is that Audi uses a special carbon fiber that offers a rare combination of lightness and durability. This special material is also, of course, the bike costs roughly $19,650 to buy, which means that you shouldn’t expect to see the kids who live down the street riding them anytime soon. In fact, Audi has limited production of these bicycles to just 50 units available for sale, so it’s unlikely you’ll see anyone riding one ever.

That said, if you’re a bicycling enthusiast, it’s certainly fun to dream about having a bike that’s this cool, even if you’ll never be able to buy one yourself.

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