Facebook isn’t the only company that’s bringing more and more complex features to its messaging app that go beyond the app’s main purpose. Just like Facebook, other apps are considering similar features, with particular emphasis on e-commerce capabilities.

Tango, a messaging app that has more than 300 million users, on Tuesday released an update to its mobile applications that brings shopping features to users, integrating products from two major partners: Walmart and Alibaba.

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The company says it’s the first U.S. mobile messaging app to offer e-commerce capabilities native to the application, bringing users access to more than two-million “value oriented products,” sold online by Walmart and AliExpress.

Users will be able to purchase items directly inside the application, which is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire and PC.

In addition to discovering new products through curated lists, users can also create their own product collections and then share them with their contacts. Obviously, the main purpose of the app is still messaging, with support for text messaging, file-sharing, VoIP calls and video chats.