This past holiday season, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus helped Apple rack up the most profitable quarter that any company has ever recorded. The company also currently has an insanely huge market cap of about $735 billion, far greater than any other companies in the world.

But that doesn’t mean Apple tops Forbes’ list of the 2,000 largest companies on the planet.

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2015’s Forbes Global 2000 ranks the 2,000 largest companies in the world. The magazine considers four different metrics — revenues, profits, assets and market value — and it weights them to create a composite score for each of the world’s largest companies.

As a result, Apple’s king-sized market cap and its sky-high profits won’t necessarily put it at the top of the list.

This year’s Global 2000 have combined profits of $3 trillion, combined revenues of $39 trillion, a combined market value of $48 trillion and total assets worth a staggering $162 trillion. And it’s that last category that continues to keep Apple off of the top of the list in 2015; in fact, Apple isn’t even in the top 10.

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China tops the list in 2015, with sales over the past year totaling $166.8 billion, profits totaling $44.8 billion and a market value of $278.3 billion — a fraction of Apple’s monster market cap. ICBC has assets totaling $3.32 trillion, however, dwarfing Apple’s $261.9 billion in assets.

As a result, Apple slides into the No. 12 spot on the 2015 Global 2000, behind several banks, a few oil companies, Berkshire Hathaway, GE and Toyota.

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