Siri, Apple’s voice-activated virtual assistant that’s available on many devices including iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, isn’t always as accurate as you’d want it to be, although it desperately tries to understand you. Apple is going to further improve Siri in future iOS releases, just as Google and Microsoft are constantly improving their own Siri alternatives, including Google Now and Cortana. While you’re waiting for Siri to become even better in helping you with daily chores, you can check out a hilarious new video that imagines what it would be like if your mom were as dependable as Siri.

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Published by The Daily Dot, the new video actually stars the voice actress who plays Siri, Susan Bennett.

In case you don’t know, Bennett originally recorded phrases and sentences into a data bank that was then used by Apple for Siri. Sounds and syllables from these words voiced by Bennett were then separated so that Siri can arrange them back into natural language.

All that isn’t important though for the video below. Bennett, in Siri character, is someone’s mom, and the results are simply hilarious.