The one monumental video game sequel you’ve been waiting for is finally launching this month. No, it’s not The Witcher 3, it’s Snake Rewind, the official sequel to the monochrome classic, from the game’s original designer, Taneli Armanto.

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Armanto has teamed up with game development studio Rumilus Design in order to create a new version of Snake for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Unlike in the original Snake, a game you may have played on a Nokia cell phone in the late ’90s, Snake Rewind doesn’t end the first time you hit a wall.

As the name suggests, you can rewind your snake when you make a mistake. Based on what we can glean from the trailer, this is accomplished with fruit, the in-game currency that you’ll collect while playing this free-to-play mobile game.

Snake Rewind also features power-ups, leaderboards and 10 levels to explore. You can download it on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices on May 14th.