Apple’s iPhone 6s release date is probably scheduled for sometime in mid-September, which is still a long way off. All the same, the company hinted in an app update that it might make ordering products from its stores even easier for certain buyers in the future.

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As previously rumored, Apple has updated the Apple Store app to add Apple Watch support to it. For the time being the application can’t be used to order products from Apple, though it wouldn’t be surprising to see Apple add the feature considering that other Apple Watch apps already let you do that.

While buying new hardware from Apple isn’t possible on the Apple Watch just yet, the Watch version of the app does bring over several features that can be accessed directly from your wrist. The app delivers real-time order status updates and lets you check in for Genius Bar reservations, and discover events and workshops in nearby retail stores.

Screenshots showing interface of the Apple Store Apple Watch app follow below.

apple-store-app-apple-watch-5Image Source: Apple Inc.

apple-store-app-apple-watch-4Image Source: Apple Inc.

apple-store-app-apple-watch-3Image Source: Apple Inc.

apple-store-app-apple-watch-2Image Source: Apple Inc.

apple-store-app-apple-watch-1Image Source: Apple Inc.