It’s 2015. The iPhone was first introduced more than eight years ago, and development obviously began long before the phone was first unveiled in 2007. In all this time, however, Apple still hasn’t been able to master the gentle art of autocorrect, and autocorrect fails remain just as funny today as they were when the trend first began. In fact, they may have even gotten funnier with time, simply because there’s doesn’t seem to be any way the issue will ever be fixed.

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For April 2015, Huffington Post put together a solid collection of what it has deemed to be the best autocorrect fails of the month. They’re all sourced from the popular site Damn You Autocorrect, and while they may have been posted recently, many of them are from several months or even years ago.

Of note, several of them are NSFW for language.

A few of our favorites can be seen below, and the rest can be enjoyed by following the link down in our source section.