As the entry level model, the Apple Watch Sport collection lacks the exceedingly scratch resistant sapphire display that graces the Watch and Edition models. Instead, the Sport models feature an Ion-X glass display which, while durable, is not quite as scratch resistant as sapphire.

But just what, exactly, is the qualitative difference between Ion-X glass and sapphire?

To answer that question, Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy uploaded a video where the Apple Watch Sport display is put through a series of rigorous scratch testing.

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When subjected to abrasive objects like keys, knives, and steel wool, the Apple Watch Sport display holds up well. But when Hilsenteger breaks out some sandpaper, the difference between the Ion-X glass and sapphire becomes apparent.

As a point of reference, remember that a scratch test video of the Apple Watch sapphire display surfaced last week. The sapphire display ably managed to survive any object put in its way, not surprising given that it’s the second hardest material on the planet.

All that said, the Apple Watch Sport should prove to be sufficiently durable and scratch resistant for almost all users in. Unless you’re deliberately trying to scuff up the display, you should be fine.