One of the joys of being a kid was eating Kraft’s Mac & Cheese and happily stuffing your mouth with something that was as unnaturally orange as a package of radioactive Buffalo sauce-covered Twinkees. However, times have changed and now Kraft is looking to make its classic Mac & Cheese look like something that would actually result from the magical combination of macaroni pasta and real cheese.

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USA Today reports that Kraft is saying it will stop using artificial preservatives and synthetic colors in its Mac & Cheese at the start of 2016, which means the nation’s children will no longer be able to feast on hearty helpings of Yellow 5 dye when they eat this iconic American meal. Instead, Kraft will give its Mac & Cheese more natural coloration via real spices such as paprika, annatto and turmeric.

So get your disturbingly colored Mac & Cheese while you still can, America — 2016 will be the dawn of a whole new era.