The Apple Watch is officially launching this Friday, according to Apple’s original plans, though the company has already ditched that April 24th launch date from marketing materials, in response to harsh criticism received for its “fake” Apple Watch release plans. However, the lucky early Watch buyers who were quick enough to buy the device in the first minutes of preorders on April 10th are going to receive their devices this week, MacRumors reports.

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The publication has learned from a source familiar with the matter that Apple Watch preorders are already being sent to centralized distribution points across the U.S., as couriers are preparing to deliver the shipments.

On top of that, Apple Watch buyers waiting for their unit to be sent out in the first wave of deliveries will notice that the Apple Watch status is changing from “Processing Items,” to “Preparing for Shipment.”

Some of the first orders are showing estimated deliveries between April 24th and May 8th, but early buyers will receive their iOS smartwatches on time this Friday.

Furthermore, some Apple Watch buyers have confirmed via Twitter or by posting screenshots online showing notifications that their credit cards have been charged for the Apple Watch, suggesting Apple is indeed getting ready to deliver the smartwatch.

Apple conceived a very strange launch experience for the Apple Watch, choosing to go online-only for orders, and deciding not to sell any device in its retail stores on launch day, a strange move from the company. Apple later responded to objections from media and buyers, revealing that in-store orders will be available only at some point in June on top of altering its website to remove the April 24th launch mention.

Images showing Apple Watch order statuses changes and credit card notifications follow below.

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