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Get a Wifi signal anywhere you need it with the handy MiFi 2 Global Touchscreen Hotspot, only half price for a limited time at BGR Deals.

We are dependent on the internet now more than ever before.  Our friends and colleagues communicate with us, we keep tabs on local and global events, and we even conduct our business online.  It’s not a stretch to say that many require a near constant internet connection, and that’s where the MiFi 2 comes in.

The MiFi 2 is a hand held and very portable 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot that offers easy to use connectivity in over 150 countries worldwide.  That means you could travel to Europe on business and still have your own trusty WiFi access just like you would at home.

With the MiFi 2, you can connect up to 10 devices at the same time including laptops, tablets, & smartphones and it’s compatible with many Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux systems.  Check out the deal page at BGR Deals to ensure your operating system version is compatible.

Your internet connection with the MiFi 2 will be completely secure, too.  It comes equipped with VPN pass-through and a Wi-Fi protected set up so you are guarded from hackers and identity thieves.  Plus you can easily see which devices are connected and have the ability to block those that you are unfamiliar with.

The MiFi 2 boasts a 16 hour battery life, which is ample for a work day’s worth of internet usage.  The touch screen display offers information about your battery life and signal strength, as well as your data usage so you can cut yourself off at the right time before you get an expected surprise on your next cellular bill.

There’s nothing wrong with internet downtime, as long as that downtime occurs on your own terms.  Have the internet wherever and whenever you need it with the MiFi 2 Global Touchscreen Hotspot, a steal at just $99 with free US shipping, for a limited time only at BGR Deals.