Hey, would you like to get wireless charging capabilities on your phone even though it’s not equipped to handle wireless charging? Then don’t worry — Duracell has a less-than-amazing new accessory for you! Thanks to Android Police for directing our attention to Duracell’s new charging accessory that it claims delivers “wireless charging.” In reality, the charging pad just replaces wires with a charging ring that you have to plug your phone into and isn’t anything close to the kind of wireless charging capabilities you can get with the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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Of course, the entire reason that wireless charging is so attractive in the first place is that it promises to let you charge your phone without having to plug it in. If you have to plug your phone into something that doesn’t have a wire attached, it’s really not any more convenient.

In case you’re interested, this “wireless” charger will set you back by $54, which isn’t nearly as ridiculous as Sony charging $155 for a memory card that promises to deliver “premium sound.” That said, it’s still pretty bad.