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Embark on a new and very lucrative career as a professional game designer with the Zero to Hero Game Developer Bundle, offered to BGR readers at an enormous discount of 95% off the regular price.

The video game industry accounts for billions of dollars in sales globally every year, and that number is growing.  There are people out there who have quickly amassed huge personal fortunes simply because they took the chance to develop the next big gaming sensation.

The Zero to Hero Game Developer Bundle is a collection of 7 courses that offer more than 30 hours of elite game developer training. Students will, after completing all courses, be able to develop games for both mobile and desktop platforms.

Those who purchase this deal will start by learning the basics of the popular Unity3D game design engine, which allows developers to create dynamic looking games that include 3D levels, 1st person views, and more.

In other courses, students will learn to develop desktop games using Stencyl and mobile games using HTML5, including what you need to know to develop specifically for iOS and for Android.  You’ll even learn how to make a simplified version of the insanely popular Flappy Bird so you can apply those skills to your own future creations.

You’ll enjoy unlimited access to the content in these courses.  Feel free to take them at your own pace and at a schedule that works for you.  And, if you are unhappy for any reason, the Zero to Hero Game Developer Bundle is offered with a 30 day money back guarantee so there’s really nothing to lose here.

Who knows?  That idea you’ve got floating around in your head for a killer game could be your ticket to financial independence.  All you need is the know-how to get there.  Save big on the Zero to Hero Game Developer Bundle, just $49 at BGR Deals for a limited time.