Yesterday, Apple released the first beta of iOS 8.4, a welcome sign that Apple hasn’t yet started to ignore iOS 8 functionality and performance at the expense of iOS 9. As we noted yesterday, the most notable aspect of iOS 8.4 is a completely new music app which will likely form the backbone for Apple’s upcoming Beats music streaming service.

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While the release notes for iOS 8.4 describe Apple’s new music app in great detail, there’s simply no replacement for a thorough video walk-through. Stepping up to the plate and answering our video prayers is YouTube user DetroitBORG who posted a pretty extensive and informative look at what Apple’s revamped music app will look like.

Overall, it seems that the updated music app is much more streamlined and intuitive than previous incarnations. If the video below is any indication, it seems that Apple is (finally) on the right track. The more pressing question, though, is how Apple plans to integrate Beats Music into the mix, a question we won’t have the answer to until early June.

In any event, iOS 8.4’s brand new music app is embedded below for your viewing pleasure.