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Have you ever tried drawing on a tablet with your finger? Or tried writing your signature? How about trying to click on a tiny link on your smartphone’s screen with your big-by-comparison finger?  The results are, put mildly, usually less than stellar.

But writing, drawing, and more on a touchscreen device is possible if you have the right kind of tool.  When you use a stylus with your tablet or smartphone, it gives the same feeling you would have using a pencil and paper.  The problem with most styli, however, is that the tip is huge when compared to a regular pencil or pen, making it hard to be accurate.

The Hand Stylus, by contrast, feels just like a pen or pencil. It’s got the world’s smallest conductive-silicone rubber tip, measuring at a miniscule 4mm.  That means you can be super precise with everything you do on a tablet or smartphone.  Plus the tip rotates automatically as you use the stylus so it will wear down evenly.  The tips are easily replaceable too.

If you are a business owner and use a touchscreen as a point of sale device, then the Hand Stylus is a must purchase.  With the Hand, your customers can easily – and accurately – sign for their purchases, saving you time and money.

Ever wanted to try drawing on your tablet?  Well, now you can, when you have the Hand Stylus.  Now you can also easily click the tiny web links you see on your smartphone screen that you just can’t touch with your finger.

BGR readers can save time and money with the ultra precise Hand Stylus which, at only $14.95, is a bargain when compared to competitor styli.  Plus, you also get the Hand shipped to your door for free as long as you live within the continental USA, so what’s not to love?  Get yours today from BGR Deals.