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Today we highlight 10 cool apps and learning opportunities that can be yours for nothing.  That’s right, they are absolutely free, which means there is no risk to you.  What are you waiting for?  These are only available for a limited time, so get on it!

Free Rosetta Stone Coupon: Up to $290 Off a Language Set of Your Choice

Normally $499, now get a free coupon to save $290. 

Rosetta Stone is the premier software for learning a new language. It was founded on two concepts: That learning a language should be a natural, intuitive process, and that interactive technology has the power to accelerate, personalize and simplify language learning for anyone at any age. 

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Free: AudibleListener 30-Day Gold Subscription

Normally $15, now free.

Finding the time to read is always easier said than done. Luckily, Audible’s library of over 180K audiobooks allows you to read while you’re on the move. Save time, money, and paper with this free 30-day trial of AudibleListener.

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Free: DupeZap Disk Cleaner

A $20 value, now free. 

If your Mac is working sluggishly, give DupeZap a try. DupeZap helps you search based on various criteria to remove duplicate files that eat up your systems resources and slow down your Mac’s performance.

Give your Mac a performance boost with DupeZap, free right now at BGR Deals.

Free: ‘Learnable’ Developer eLearning 1-Month Subscription

Normally $15, now free.

With more than 10,000+ paid subscribers, Learnable is clearly a trusted source of online programming education. Learnable offers thousands of video tutorials and a variety of e-books for all levels of students—start from scratch or boost your career with new skills and areas of expertise.

Get on the road to being a better programmer with a free 1 month subscription to Learnable, brought to you by BGR Deals.

Free: Linux Academy 30-Day Subscription

A $25 value, now yours free.

Linux Academy offers high-quality, self-paced courses on Linux, Amazon Web Services, OpenStack, and DevOps. Access scenario-based labs, perform common tasks in live servers, and gain the experience required to pass certification exams. Stay ahead of the curve on the latest IT developments by mastering the concepts of these powerful systems from the inside, out.

Access over 1,225 video courses & earn certifications for Linux, AWS & more with your free 30 day subscription to Linux Academy from BGR Deals.

Free: DreamShot Screen Capture Tool for Mac

Regularly $7, now free.

Dreamshot rids your desktop of screenshot clutter and, best of all, requires next to no effort on the part of the user. Choose your preferred keyboard shortcut to quickly take a screenshot and then seamlessly send it to any app, service, or destination on your Mac from a list that will auto-populate right in front of your eyes.

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Free: Bitfountain Android Mini Course

A $49 value, yours free.

This introductory course with 9 lectures takes you through the process of making your first Android Lollipop app in Android Studio using the Java language. You’ll learn how to download Android Studio, set up and customize views graphically, as well as the Java programming basics.

Why download apps when you can make your own?  Get the Bitfountain Android Mini Course for free right now at BGR Deals.

Free:  WordPress Beginner Course

What used to be $49 is now free.

WordPress is an exceedingly popular web design solution for those who need a responsive webpage in a hurry and its easy to see why.  It’s fairly easy to set up, has lots of plugins and themes available for it, and it’s inexpensive.  Now you can learn how to set up your own custom WordPress site quickly and easily with the WordPress Beginner Course.

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Free:  Mammoth Interactive 5-Hour Developer Bundle

Normally $145, now free.

An awesome way to learn, the Mammoth Interactive 5-Hour Developer Bundle teaches you the fundamentals of web design and the basics of the 5 core coding languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, and HTML5.

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Free: TowerMadness for Android

Regularly priced at $1, now can be yours for free.

TowerMadness is full of frantic action and will keep you on your toes with over 100 diverse environments, over 60 weapons and upgrades, 17 different aliens and multiple game modes. Plus, it’s free, so you can’t lose.

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