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According to statistics provided by the Federal Trade Commission, the annual instances of identity theft number in the millions and are growing exponentially every year.  That’s because hackers are constantly employing new methods to seek out your information.  You don’t have to be a big corporation to be vulnerable.  On the contrary, the only criteria for becoming a target is poor security.

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a way of encrypting the data you transmit online as well as hiding your identity and physical location from prying eyes.  Just as virus protection software and firewalls are now almost universally employed, so too should a VPN service.  It’s particularly important if you use public Wi-Fi, cellular data, or other semi-private networks.

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In fact, ibVPN has more than 75 VPN servers in 39 countries, including P2P servers, which will allow you to unblock more than 165 worldwide TV & radio channels.  And, ibVPN works with many platforms including Mac OS, iOS, Windows and Android.  Plus, there is a manual setup option for devices on other platforms.

The statistics show that, unless people protect themselves, they’ll eventually become a victim of a cyber hacking attack.  Don’t be counted in that group.  Protect yourself for now and into the future with a 4 year subscription to ibVPN, only $59 for BGR Deals readers for a limited time.