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The Innori Portable Battery Pack holds an enormous 22,400 mAh of power.  That’s enough juice to recharge an iPhone 6 twelve consecutive times and most tablets at least a few times.  Just charge up your Innori at home and never be without power again.  It’s just like having your own portable power plant in your pocket!

You’ll enjoy saving time by being able to charge up to 3 devices at once.  It has 3 USB ports, two of which are optimized for charging smartphones, with the remaining port designed for tablets and other USB powered devices. The Innori is intelligent, too, as it recognizes your devices and allocates the right amount of current automatically so charging is as efficient as possible.

The Innori is stylish, lightweight, and about the same size as a smartphone so it’s easy to take it with you just about anywhere.  Take it to school for those times when your tablet’s battery runs low in the middle of a lecture.  Or use it in that important board meeting to keep your smartphone running.  If you plan on going hiking or camping, the Innori would make the perfect travel companion.

Our world is a high tech one.  It seems each year there are more and more portable technological devices that we welcome into our lives.  They make our lives easier, but they also demand power.  With the Innori at your side, you’ll have all the power you need for now and into the future.

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