It’s safe to say Chris Rock is getting tired of being pulled over by the police this year. Takepart reports that Rock has started snapping selfies every time police pull over his car, something that has already happened to him three times in 2015.

Rock’s latest run-in with the police occurred on Monday evening, as you can see in the picture below.

Although Rock hasn’t explicitly said why he’s snapping so many pictures of himself being pulled over, we can infer that he’s trying to make a statement about how often black people are pulled over by the cops even when they have no reason to be under suspicion.

“Black men make up more than 25 percent of the New York Police Department’s stops but comprise a relatively small share of the city’s population,” writes Takepart. “As Emily Badger pointed out at The Washington Post late last year, it’s a problem that both the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations have tried — and failed — to address.”

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