HBO Now is, for the time being, available exclusively to Apple customers who own either iOS or OS X devices. But Business Insider has found a simple way to watch HBO Now shows on a big screen TV without purchasing an Apple TV to do it.

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Even though the Apple TV only costs $69 now, potential buyers might be better off waiting for a while before buying one, as Apple is rumored to be prepping a better Apple TV box complete with more advanced features, including a TV-like subscription and App Store access later this year.

As long as you have an iPhone or a Mac, however, you only need to purchase adapters to connect your device to a TV. Obviously, Mac owners might already be doing that, but Business Insider’s video shows you what you need to buy to hook up your iPhone/iPad, no matter how old it is, to your TV.

The video showing you how to hook up any iPhone to your TV and stream HBO Now shows follows below.