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A VPN is a virtual private network.  It allows you to encrypt your data and hide information about your physical location and identity while on the internet.  Any time you are online, your data passes through the VPN before to goes anywhere else, offering you full scale protection.  It is a must have security feature, particularly if you use unprotected or public Wi-Fi, corporate networks, cellular data, or any other form of public internet access.

Plus, when you have a VPN like the one offered with the VPN Unlimited, you can unblock geo-restricted web content.  Wish you could view the offerings Netflix has in Great Britain?  Just set your VPN to a location in England and Bob’s your uncle.

Over the past 10 years, anti-virus software and firewalls have become commonplace in the fight against computer hackers.  Law abiding people like you need to stay one step ahead of them at all times.  By employing a VPN service, you are taking that step towards protecting yourself and those around you.

Remember, hackers will attack anyone they see as vulnerable.  Large corporations are certainly not immune to their activities and neither are you.  Hackers have successfully destroyed businesses, ruined reputations, and stolen millions of dollars.  Don’t let yourself become a just another statistic.

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