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There’s a lot of accessories on the market today to help you enjoy your iPhone 6 or 6+ to the fullest.  Charging cables, stands, docks, tripods:  They’re all out there, some with questionable build quality and many with prices that leave us wanting more.

Why get all those accessories individually when you could get just one that’ll do everything?  Introducing the Bobine Ultra-Flexible iPhone 6/6+ Dock, on sale right now and with free shipping at BGR Deals.

The Bobine Ultra-Flexible iPhone 6/6+ Dock is made from high quality materials, is nearly indestructible, and does the same job as four individual accessories, all in one tidy package.  It’s an MFI-certified Lightning charger, a stand, and charging dock, and a tripod all in one.  Just plug in your iPhone 6/6+ and set it up as you want.

The Bobine is small enough to easily fit in a travel bag so you can take it with you just about anywhere, but still offers the incredible strength needed to hold your iPhone up in any position.  Get the angle and height just right for watching videos. Set your phone at eye-level to optimize your video conferencing needs.  Or use it as a handy tripod for taking awesome pictures from any angle you wish.

There are thousands of uses for the Bobine Ultra-Flexible iPhone 6/6+ Dock.  It is the ultimate accessory to complement your iPhone 6 or 6+ user experience and, at this price, is a must have item.

Pick up your Bobine Ultra-Flexible iPhone 6/6+ Dock for the special price of just $24.99 with free US shipping for a limited time only at BGR Deals.