If you want to lose weight, spending a week at festivals such as SXSW probably aren’t the best way to get the job done. Jimmy Kimmel recently learned this the hard way when he went down to SXSW and gained nine pounds over the span of just a week by pigging out on the massive quantities of meat being sold at the festival. Kimmel even took pictures of everyone of his meals and challenged his viewers to find any vegetables in them.

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As you’ll see, Kimmel’s diet consisted of endless piles of burritos, briskets and pizza slices. At the end of it all, Kimmel proclaimed himself “lucky to be alive” after gorging on so much meat and cheese for a week. Of course, Kimmel never put himself to the ultimate test of eating Taco Bell’s new Chicken Biscuit Taco for breakfast, so we’re not too impressed by his ability to survive on unhealthy food just yet.

Check out the whole video below.