You can’t buy any new apps on the App Store right now because it’s experiencing a worldwide crash for the second time in less than a month. As AppleInsider writes, this latest crash is “affecting users around the world and preventing them from searching for and downloading apps or other content.” The last massive iTunes outage, which occurred on March 11th this year, lasted for seven whole hours for some users, so let’s hope that this isn’t the case this time. We’ll provide more updates as they come in.

UPDATE: Well, that was fast! 9to5Mac writes that even though issues with the iTunes Store were indeed global, it seems Apple has already fixed the problem. At the very least, it seems that this latest disruption won’t be anywhere close to the last one. If you’re still having trouble with iTunes, 9to5Mac writes that “force quitting the App Store or iTunes app should result in seeing content again if the fix isn’t automatic.”