Earlier this week, Cord Cutters News released some exciting news about Internet speeds in the U.S. According to some recent download speed tests, the average U.S. Internet speed in March checked in at 33.9Mbps, a marked increase from just February when the average Internet speed was 22.3Mbps.

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That said, the report notes that U.S. Internet speeds still lag behind many countries as it’s ranked just 27th out of 199 countries surveyed.

Also interesting is that the report ranks which States have the fastest Internet speeds.

  1. Washington 45.6Mbps
  2. Missouri 41.21Mbps
  3. New York 40.86Mbps
  4. California 40.8Mbps
  5. Utah 40.47Mbps
  6. Delaware 40.03Mbps
  7. Rhode Island 39.76Mbps
  8. New Jersey 39.28Mbps
  9. Massachusetts 38.57Mbps
  10. North Dakota 37.84Mbps

On a city by city basis, the two U.S. cities with blazing Internet speeds are Kansas City, Missouri and Austin, Texas.