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Your internet activity can easily be monitored, leaving you vulnerable to hacks that can compromise your sensitive information, damage your reputation, and threaten your livelihood.  Meet that threat head on with Anonymizer Universal VPN: 3 year subscription from BGR Deals at a low low price.

A VPN, or virtual private network, acts like a filter that hides your IP address and masks your physical location, leaving your internet activities untraceable.  It’s a must have service, particularly if you use unprotected public Wi-Fi spaces, cellular data, and other public or semi-private networks.

With your 3 year subscription to Anonymizer Universal VPN, you will enjoy unlimited bandwidth and fast connection speeds. Your internet activity will never be logged anywhere, ensuring that your information can never be tracked or compromised. Plus, you can connect up to 5 devices with your subscription and you get access to US based support 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Get top of the line protection from hackers and identity thieves and save $185 with a 3 year subscription to Anonymizer Universal VPN, just $55 at BGR Deals for a limited time.

Web security is important to you, so take advantage of these other offers from BGR Deals.

Safeguard your home with the Tiny Hardware Firewall

The Tiny Hardware Firewall, available at BGR Deals right now, prevents unwanted connections – like those from hackers – from accessing your network.

It safeguards up to 4 devices at once and it works with anything that uses an ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. The Tiny Hardware Firewall requires no software to download or configure, just plug it in and it starts working immediately.  Plus, it features a built-in 256 AES VPN which, in addition to protecting you from being tracked, actually hides your location, making you practically anonymous when online.

The Tiny Hardware Firewall is only $129 with free US shipping at BGR Deals.

Master web security with the Wi-Fi Hacking & Penetration Testing from Scratch’ Course

Knowledge is power.  Protect your network with the knowledge you will get from the Wi-Fi Hacking & Penetration Testing From Scratch Course, available now at a special price.

This is practical training that starts from the ground up:  Learn how attacks happen and what you can do to protect yourself.  Then apply those hacking techniques to discover holes in your own network so you can seal them up quickly and efficiently.

The Wi-Fi Hacking & Penetration Testing from Scratch Course is 80% off for a limited time, just $29, at BGR Deals.

Be untraceable with a 1 year subscription to Safe Shepherd Premium

Clean up your online tracks with a one year subscription to Safe Shepherd Premium, available for 95% off for a limited time.

Safe Shepherd Premium is an easy way to hide your information when online.  It scours the web for information that you don’t want posted and destroys it, leaving you as untraceable as you want.  It’s a practical and efficient method of reducing spam, telemarketing calls and junk mail, ensuring that you keep your sanity.

Get a one year subscription to Safe Shepherd Premium for only $59 at BGR Deals right now.