There’s no doubt that Netflix has killed off a lot of video stores, both big chains like Blockbuster and small independent stores that specialized in quirky hard-to-find indie flicks. Jimmy Kimmel this week went down to Austin, Texas and visited Vulcan Video, a rare video rental store that has managed to survive Netflix’s revolution. Kimmel decided to help the video store out by filming a commercial for them and he recruited none other than Matthew McConaughey to help out.

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The ad they concocted depicts a man sitting at his computer overwhelmed by all the choices he now has for watching movies on Netflix. He’s tired of having “so many things to click” and he longs for a simpler way to find a good movie to watch.

Kimmel and McConaughey then magically pop up in Vulcan Video and start singing the praises of its revolutionary video rental model that involves no scrolling, clicking or streaming.

Check out the whole segment below.