“Find My iPhone” is a great tool for locating a missing iPhone, whether someone stole it from you or you just forgot it at a friend’s place. All the same, “Find My iPhone” does have its limitations. While it can certainly help you locate your missing device anywhere in the world, it’s not all that useful if you happen to misplace your device somewhere inside your home.

The solution? The upcoming Apple Watch.

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Originally rumored to be part of the Apple Watch feature set when Apple rolled out the iOS 8.2 beta, Apple’s website now confirms that users will be able to use the Apple Watch to ping their iPhone, thereby causing the misplaced iPhone to beep until it’s found. Now what would be even cooler would be a “Ping my iPhone” feature that would ping faster or slower depending on how far away or close you were from your phone.

According to Apple’s website, the feature will likely be found within the Apple Watch’s Settings app, but we’ll obviously know for sure once the device launches come April 24th.

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