Google Autocomplete is always an entertaining and fun way to measure the pulse of the masses. Are smartwatches in? What do people think about Kanye West? What is the worst state to live in? All of these questions are ably answered in real-time by the all-knowing search giant that is Google.

Just recently, an enterprising new website decided to take all of the amazing Google Autocomplete queries we’ve come to know and love and transform it into a rousing and surprisingly engaging game of Family Feud, or in this case Google Feud.

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Much like the famed game show, Google Feud presents users with the first three-quarters of a sentence whereupon users must type in what they think is one of the top 10 concluding words or phrases to that same sentence. The actual composition of the 10 answers is dynamic as they’re harvested in real-time via Google APIs.

Having played a few rounds, I have to say that Google Feud is surprisingly fun and deceptively addictive. Aside from its easy to use interface and simplistic design, some of the answers will genuinely leave you with a raised eyebrow or two. For instance, one of the rounds I played featured the clue, “I was bitten by a _____”.

I promptly guessed “snake.”


I guessed again, this time going with “Spiders.”

Wrong again.

As it turns out, the top answer is “black widow.” And oddly enough, “I was bitten by a snake in my dream” checked in at the number 10 spot.

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