Google earlier this week released Android 5.1, its first major Lollipop update that brings over several performance improvements and additional features, including Device Protection against thefts, support for multiple SIM cards and HD voice. However, these are not all the goodies Android 5.1 has to offer, as it appears that Google has also significantly improved the performance of the Nexus 6.

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“In case you’re wondering why your Nexus 6 feels so darn fast and smooth on Android 5.1, besides all the improvements on ART and possibly a lot of code cleaning and optimizations on the Framework – the device is now running full quad-core mode all the time which helps tremendously because the Kernel task scheduler can distribute the workload through all these cores so you’ll get the perception that the device is not hanging anymore,” Android developer Francisco Franco explained on Google+.

Furthermore, Franco added that improved battery life should also be a pleasant surprise for users who have updated their devices to Android 5.1.

In case you haven’t yet received the Nexus 6 update, you can already grab it yourself, as Google has already posted the Android 5.1 factory images for some Nexus devices, including the Motorola made handset — just follow this link.