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Depletion of battery power plagues us all, as our devices battle against time and wear to serve their purpose. With BatteryBox, a small and sleek portable battery packed with power, charging your devices becomes an afterthought. Specially designed for Macbooks and USB-compatible devices, BatteryBox offers enough juice to charge eight iPhones and keep your MacBook Air going for 12-15 hours, five years after you buy it.

At a slashed price of $134.99, extra juice on demand is now 28% cheaper than ever before with BatteryBox, for a limited time only at BGR Deals.

Rather than adding juice to your iPhone or MacBook battery, BatteryBox powers it via its own internal battery, decreasing the degradation rate on your device. An added 12-15 hours of added battery life to your Macbook Air, or 75 hours of extra battery life for your iPhone 6, is certainly cause for celebration.

The highest energy-density product of its kind, BatteryBox uses a new energy management system called BatteryOS that monitors lithium-Ion battery power and optimizes performance for minimal degradation. Rather than simply charging your laptop, BatteryBox will bypass the device’s built-in battery and power it directly. 60Wh of output energy guarantees that 96% of a battery’s original capacity remains after 3,000 charges and discharges. That’s 3x longer life than any other battery!

Conveniently charged via any micro-USB cable, BatteryBox protects against shorting and uses smart technology to keep outputs in “off” mode when not in use.

Add hours to your device’s battery life with BatteryBox, priced at $134.99 at BGR Deals for a very limited time.