On Monday, we gave you a thorough breakdown of all the pricing, specs and release date information on the Apple Watch. However, if you want to bookmark just one simple-to-read graphic showing all your Apple Watch options, we recommend using the following graphic provided to us by Findthebest.com.

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As you can see, the graphic delivers key information for the 38-millimeter versions of the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition. Among other things, you can see the different sensors each device is packing, their average battery lives, the notifications options and of course their prices and release dates.

In terms of functionality, these devices are basically the same. When you pay more for one of them, you’re paying for having more expensive casing and wristband options than with the comparatively cheap Apple Watch Sport. Put another way, anyone who cares mostly about functionality over form shouldn’t even think of blowing $10,000 or more on the Apple Watch Edition.