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The internet has grown in a big way since the early 1990’s.  At one time thought to be a fad, the world wide web has proven that it’s here to stay.  With an abundance of online resources, many people make their living in the virtual world.  If you’ve ever considered a career as a professional web developer, now might be the right time to make that jump. That’s why BGR Deals is proud to offer the Pay What You Want: Learn To Design Bundle.

The Pay What You Want: Learn To Design Bundle contains more than 80 hours of professional instruction through 8 courses that cover topics such as creative & responsive web design, user experience design, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more.  This bundle is the full meal deal.

Here’s how it works: Pay whatever amount you wish and you will receive a portion of the bundle.  If you choose, you can “beat the average” price paid by all other customers to receive the bundle it its entirety, lock stock and barrel.  As of this writing, the average price is just a little over $8.  This course bundle is valued at $840, so you are getting a fantastic deal any way you slice it.

Even better, you will be content in the knowledge that your purchase will make the world a better place.  That is because 10% of what you agree to pay will go to benefit Creative Commons, an organization that develops, supports, and stewards legal and technical infrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing, and innovation.

If you make the leaderboard – the top 8 purchasers – at any time during this offer’s tenure, then you’ll gain 5 entries to an exclusive giveaway!  Basically, if you spend less, you get a lot.  If you spend more, though, you get a deal of gargantuan proportions.

Secure your professional future with the Pay What You Want: Learn To Design Bundle, available at BGR Deals for just a little while longer.  Hurry, this offer ends in just hours.