Here at BGR, we absolutely love writing about fast food, particularly if it looks simultaneously revolting and delicious. This is why we were pleased as punch this week to stumble upon an amazing new creation from pizza chain Little Caesars: A deep dish pizza whose outer crust is wrapped in a ridiculous three feet worth of bacon.

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“Every time you take a bite out of the crust, you’ll get bacon,” explains Little Caesars CEO David Scrivano, via USA Today. How many calories does this monstrosity have? We have absolutely no idea but we’re pretty sure it will put the comparatively puny offerings from Chipotle to shame.

As much as we’re making fun of this hulking food beast, we have to admit that we are drooling just thinking about it, which is a sign that Little Caesars is doing its job well. In contrast, our reaction to seeing the KFC Double Down Dog for the first time was to wretch in the sink.