Apple investors are on cloud nine right now. Apple recently reported the most profitable quarter in history and the company’s stock has been soaring ever since. Now, with the launch of the Apple Watch fast approaching, Apple’s market capitalization hits new highs every few days; it was hovering just north of $740 billion at the time of this writing.

Just how massive has Apple become compared to the competition? There’s really only one chart you need to check out that says it all.

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In case the gains since Apple’s $18 billion holiday quarter doesn’t tell the entire tale for you, FinViz put together a quick chart that shows exactly how Apple shares compare to the competition. The graphic has market cap on its Y axis and year-to-date gains as a percentage on the X axis. Of course, Apple’s stock hasn’t racked up the kind of gains as smaller cap stocks, but the company’s position on the Y axis will help explain why.

The chart, which was posted earlier by Business Insider, follows below.