Yesterday we shared a brilliant and painfully simple app called LookFor that lets you quickly and easily find your friends in a crowd, proving that smart solutions don’t always have to be complication. Along those same lines, today our attention turns to another ridiculously simple iPhone app that will help ensure you never have to talk to someone you hate on the phone again.

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It happens far less frequently these days since fax machines aren’t as common as they used to be, but there used to be nothing more annoying than dialing a wrong number and having fax tones start screeching in your ear. Now, a nifty app brings that pain back and puts it to good use.

Appropriately named “Fake-A-Fax,” Hounds Interactive’s free iPhone app lets you start playing those awful fax machine tones in your caller’s ear. If there’s a better way to get a telemarketer to remove your number from his or her system, we haven’t found it.

The app’s full description follows below along with a download link.

Tired of telemarketing calls? Hate calls asking for money, or trying to sell you? Use Fake-A-Fax!

Fake-A-Fax generates tones to make telemarketers think they have called a fax machine, a disconnected number, or busy line. This stops the call and marks your number as a bad number.

Simply answer your home phone and launch the app on your iPhone, place the speaker of your iPhone to the mic of your home phone.

Get yourself removed from telemarketing lists and stop unwanted calls permanently.

Download Fake-A-Fax

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