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One of the most highly anticipated devices of 2015 is going to be released very soon.  It’s expected that the Apple Watch will be in great demand once it hits store shelves later this year, which means that apps for the device will also be particularly sought after.  If you are an app developer, be on the leading edge with the Mammoth Interactive Apple Watch App Builder Course, available at 89% off for a limited time at BGR Deals.

At this point, there are precious few developers with the necessary skills to create apps for Apple’s newest product.  You literally have a clean slate:  A golden opportunity to get in on the ground floor and create something with the potential for greatness.  The only limitations are you and your imagination.

With the Mammoth Interactive Apple Watch App Builder Course, you will learn to use and navigate Apple’s new smart watch app creation software, WatchKit.  You will also learn how to transport data, such as HealthKit, from the iPhone to the Apple Watch, as well as how to incorporate things like maps into your apps.  With these tools, you could be responsible for developing the first app sensation in Apple Watch history.

The instructor of this course, John Bura, is a professional programmer with many years of experience and the owner of Mammoth Interactive.  He has played a part in the development of 40 commercial games, some of which have risen to number 1 in the App Store.  The point is, you will receive the best instruction you can get which will prepare you fully for later success.

Opportunity is knocking.  Will you answer the door?  Create apps for the new Apple Watch with the Mammoth Interactive Apple Watch App Builder Course, $29.99 at BGR Deals for a short time only.