AMC’s The Walking Dead is one of several recent series that mark an incredible stretch of TV for the network that has completely revitalized it. No longer is AMC “that channel that plays old movies.” With smash-hit series like Mad Men and Breaking Bad, AMC has become a whole new network, and The Walking Dead has certainly reached that same level with most fans.

The first half of season 5 ended with a bang, both literally and figuratively, and the second half of the season premieres this coming Sunday. Now, AMC has released the first two minutes of the midseason premiere episode, and it looks like we’re in store for yet another roller coaster ride in 2015.

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Needless to say, if you missed any of the first half of season 5 you definitely should not watch this midseason premiere preview. If you’re all caught up though, you’ll find the full two minutes for The Walking Dead season 5’s premiere embedded below.