In less than a month, Samsung is going to unveil “what’s next,” though many leaks and rumors so far already detailed its upcoming flagship handsets, including the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S Edge. Images showing the alleged new design of the Galaxy S6, as well as specs for the handset have already hit the web on countless occasions, with AndroidPit seemingly having received one more piece of the puzzle: Pricing information for Europe.

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According to the publication, the handsets will be slightly more expensive than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, their main competitors.

The Galaxy S6 will supposedly cost between €749 and €949, and come in three storage versions as we reported, including 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. The Galaxy S Edge will be available in the same three capacity options, with prices starting at €849, or €100 more than the regular model with similar storage.

Thus, AndroidPit says the cheapest Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge will have 32GB of storage, even though previous reports said the entry-level models will have 64GB of built-in memory.

Comparatively, the iPhone 6 is priced €699 to €899 in Europe, though the cheapest version only has 16GB of storage. The iPhone 6 Plus is €100 more expensive then its corresponding iPhone 6 version.

European prices for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge, as listed by AndroidPit follow below.

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 32 GB: €749
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 64 GB: €849
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 128 GB: €949
  • Samsung Galaxy S Edge 32 GB: €849
  • Samsung Galaxy S Edge 64 GB: €949
  • Samsung Galaxy S Edge 128 GB: €1049