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Introducing the Blade Pico QX, a feature packed drone that looks as good as it flies.  Pick one up for yourself and save 10% at BGR Deals for a limited time. The Blade Pico QX is small and lightweight, so transporting and storing it is a cinch.  It works as easily indoors as it does outside, and features SAFE stabilization technology which makes piloting this drone nearly foolproof, even for beginners.

Just set up a cool obstacle course in your house and fly your troubles away with the Blade Pico QX or turn off the lights and activate the Pico QX’s equipped LED lighting for an awe inspiring light show.  You can also perform amazing stunts, like single and double flips, with the touch of a button.  The possibilities for fun things you can do with this quadcopter are almost endless.

You can expect to get 5-8 minutes of flight time with the Blade Pico QX per charge, which is sizable given the drone’s size.  It can be charged via any USB port and comes ready to fly right out of the box.  The Pico QX is equipped with extra blades should you experience damage, but the prop guards built onto the quadcopter should protect against most damage.

If you’ve never flown a drone before, the Blade Pico QX is a great option to start with.  Pick up one for yourself for only $49.99 with free US shipping at BGR Deals for a limited time.

SMS Audio ‘STREET by 50’ Headphones

SMS Audio ‘STREET by 50’ headphones offer superior performance, exceptional style, and unbeatable value all in one package.

Anyone who’s ever been in market for a pair of headphones knows that you have to be prepared to pay big bucks for if you want great sound and looks awesome.  Not so with these headphones designed by legendary musician Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

SMS Audio ‘STREET by 50’ features a professionally-tuned 40mm driver, enhanced bass, and studio sound quality.  The headband is made from strong but flexible SHATTERPROOF UFP plastic, is foldable, and leather memory foam OVALFIT cushions.

The lightweight, comfortable, and stylish SMS Audio ‘STREET by 50’ headphones are an incredible value at 39% off, just $109 at BGR Deals.