Apple had a record Christmas quarter after crushing all expectations and setting a new world record for the most profitable quarter ever in the history of any company. While iPhone sales — specifically the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus versions — brought in a significant chunk of revenue and profit, Apple also sold plenty of iPads and Macs during the period. In fact, the company keeps selling lots of OS X computers each quarter, with Apple constantly tweaking their design and performance.

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While some people may not necessarily notice all the little changes some of these devices go through from year to year, Apple has come a long way since its first desktop and laptop designs.

To prove that point, the guys at Experts Exchange created some short animations that show the evolution of the Apple’s iMac, but also the evolution of the laptop designs from its earlier models right up to the MacBook Air.

Apple fans will surely recognize various iMac models in the animations below, as well as several laptops, including older Apple notebooks. Additionally, similar animations showing the evolution of the computer mouse and of storage devices, also follow below.

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