Spotify is a fantastic service, easily among the best streaming music offerings in the world. It has really become an all-in-one service compared to rivals, allowing users to stream any song in its catalog on demand, or to listen to custom radio stations based on a genre, song or artist. Not everyone has tried the service though, since there are plenty of other options out there that are almost as good in some ways, and even better in others.

If you’re among the people who have never given Spotify a shot though, now is the time to finally try the service out.

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As noted by Android Authority, Spotify has quietly began offering a special deal for new users. For a limited time, the company is letting people try its Spotify premium service for free for 60 days, which is double the company’s standard free trial offer.

With Spotify Premium, users can stream unlimited high-quality music on demand to any mobile device. Spotify typically offers a 30-day trial of its premium service, but that trial is now doubled to two months if you act fast. Of note, it is only available to users who have never tried Spotify Premium before.

There’s no telling when this special limited-time promotion will end, so follow the link down in the source section to get started.