Have you noticed that your iPhones have been getting progressively louder every time you upgrade? There’s a very good reason for that: It turns out that the iPhone’s speakers have been more-or-less getting louder with just about every new generation.

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iClarified has posted a new video showing decibel readings for every iPhone released so far and predictably the company’s two newest devices had the two loudest speakers — the iPhone 6’s speakers came in at 105.4 dB while the iPhone 6 Plus came in at 105 dB. What’s really interesting is that the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 3GS are actually tied for the title of the third-loudest iPhones with decibel readings of 103.6 dB.

But other than the unusually loud 3GS, most iPhones follow a pretty steady pattern of getting louder with each generation.

To see how loud all of the iPhones measured by iClarified are, be sure to watch the full video below.

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