Apple’s fiscal first quarter was a complete blowout, sending the company’s stock soaring in after-hours trading on Tuesday night. We already gave you all the numbers: $18 billion in profit… $74.6 billion in revenue… 74.4 million iPhones sold… gross margin that climbed to 39.9%… it’s all simply staggering.

Of course, there’s no better way to put Apple’s killer quarter in content than by visualizing some of the key figures from Apple’s report.

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Mobile analyst Benedict Evans from Andreessen Horowitz is a well-respected Apple watcher, and he’s always quick on the draw when it comes to charting Apple’s results. On Tuesday evening, he ran a quick post on his blog that included 12 charts.

They’re all fairly simple and straightforward, but they do a phenomenal job of hitting most of the key points, and of putting all of the numbers from Apple’s fiscal first quarter in perspective.

A handful of some of the most important charts follow below, and the rest can be seen by following the link down in our source section.