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Video games come in all varieties:  First person shooters, sports simulators, and strategic games, just to name a few.  One thing they all have in common, though, is that someone, somewhere dreamed them up and then went through the process of developing them. With the Name Your Own Price Game Design Course Bundle, available at BGR Deals for a limited time, you can learn everything you need to know to develop video games all on your own.  You could be the lucky person who makes the next big gaming sensation!

The Name Your Own Price Game Design Course Bundle contains 4 top notch game development & design courses to set you down the path to being a bonafide video game developer, from artwork creation and texturing to audience engagement.  The best part of this bundle is that you get to decide how much you pay for it.  Pay what you want to receive a portion of this bundle and, if you choose to pay more than the average price paid by all purchasers, you get the whole bundle!

Plus, you can feel good that your purchase, whatever you decide to make it, will help make the world a better place.  That’s because 10% of what you pay will go to one of three charities of your choosing:  Child’s Play, World Wildlife Fund, or Creative Commons.  These particular charities have been selected because of the important impact they leave for humanity all over the world.

You love gaming.  Now you can develop your own games while making a positive impact on the globe with the Pay What You Want Game Design Course Bundle, available for a limited time at BGR Deals.